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Apostolic Christian Church (Sheepfold)

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Testimonies from Lockdown

One of the most valuable things that lockdown taught me is the beauty of simplicity. The months of isolation highlighted the clear distinctions between those things that really matter and those that do not. The gifts of loved ones, a roof over my head, community, a home cooked meal, time to hear the bird song, all these things are simple pleasures that get drowned out in the ‘rush and grab’ mentality of ‘normal’ life. Whilst I yearn for a return to a more recognisable world, I also want to hold on tight to the unexpected gifts of lockdown.


Lockdown offered an unprecedented opportunity to be still and know that He is God. By cultivating that place of stillness within us we can recharge, reflect and, if necessary, change direction. God is never static, He is always moving forward and He wants me to do the same. Rather than yearn for the old normal I want to be still  and know that He is God and to always remember that there is beauty in simplicity and peace in stillness.

Firstly, we thank God for giving us a testimony to share, and the opportunity to do so. In February this year, Renata's mum was here visiting from Poland when she fell ill and ended up in hospital. There, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and was advised she has approximately 6 months to live with no chance of treatment. This came at a time where the coronavirus pandemic was creeping across the world, and by the time she was discharged from the hospital the nation was in Lockdown. Unfortunately for her, trips back and forth to various hospitals led to her being told that she had Corona. We were in disbelief, and given the fact that she had cancer, she was incredibly vulnerable. She was stuck in a country which is not her own, extremely weak with cancer, and unable to travel back to Poland even if she wanted to... But praise God; its now November and she's still with us, so God has already proven the doctors wrong as she's well surpassed their prediction of 6 months.


This wouldn't have been possible without the prayers from the church and family. It was a revelation to show us the level of support this church offered which was outstanding, even through Lockdown. There were days when Renata's mum looked like she was at the end, but somehow God turned it around each time. While all this was going on, Renata and I had a separate issue. We had been trying to start a family of our own, which didn't seem to be working. So after many tests and treatments, God finally said yes, and we're expecting our first child. This came from much prayer, faith and hope, and is a light in this season which seemed full of darkness. While some have lost loved ones, we say thank you to God for blessing us with life. This has been a spiritual journey for us, and we've learned that God has a time for everything, and we really don't need to understand everything, but just trust in Him. In these difficult times we are all facing, just keep praying and praising Him.


Hi my name is Zoe.


I am so grateful to God for what his doing in my life, what he’s going to do....


I usually spend my time caring for my family, going to church, travelling, I'm a mum, wife, sister and daughter. I missed being a part of the hospital ministry, visiting friend's and serving people. Love is a powerful thing! These strange times made me awaken to how much value it had to serve, love, I embraced how much it contributed to the best parts of me. How beautiful it can be even in simplicity, the smallest of things, nature, a smile, a tear. All these moments, experiences, in it all I felt truly grateful, good, bad, ugly, sad, joy, it contributed to me. A good decision is not give up!   This derived from time of meditation, reflection, having the time to look at the man in the mirror, to know that I'm not perfect, nor will I ever be but the love of God makes me want to be a better person, leading me to look out the window clearly seeing the truth, he decides my direction, my path and holds my future. It became a time to become more prayerful, to encourage and to be responsible for my spiritual walk, to read, mediate on God's word and to pray. Often sharing daily some of my devotions, I found it astonishing how many were delighted, touched, encouraged, which was so lovely to see and hear how it had overflowed to others. I give God the glory for that.


I saw wonderful changes in my family, how they had been inspired, new career moves, renewed strength and courage, despite illness, sadness, past failures or my own.

There is a power in faith, dedication and truth in the knowledge that God is like an anchor for our soul, steadfast and sure. ACC church's expression of love  i found through their dedication, inspired me to do the same. I learnt to allow God to give me a new perspective.

Love grows, faith grows, your light ignites another and that is a wonderful thing!

I certainly have grown, became stronger, have a new appreciation for life, looking forward to whats ahead, what God has in store.

Whatever it is I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.


GabrielandRenata Zoe Tigris Andree Christou

This year has been a year of true reflection and re-evaluation. It has been a season of stillness and growth; a time to become more sensitive to the voice of God. When God closes one door, He opens a better one. The Lord has pushed me into purpose, giving me the opportunity to lay aside my own plans and instead, follow His. This year, by God's grace, I have chosen to take the journey to fulfil the dreams and visions the Lord has placed on my heart. I choose to use the gifts He has blessed me with as an act of worship, to bless others and to serve His Holy Name. Amen (Romans 12:1-2).


Gabriel and Renata

Andree Christou

Zoe Tigris

Seniz Suleyman